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What is a saga?

A saga is more than a story!

Because nowadays, everyone claims to be able to tell a story, Sagas proposes to turn your story into a saga.

  • A saga is a sum of adventures that create an almost infinite story.
  • A saga is a story that leaves a trace, which marks the spectator, the reader, the fan… It is a story that creates a lasting connection with its audience.
  • A saga is a story of which we can’t get enough, a story that keeps a saga alive, it’s a story that unleashes passions and creates a strong emotional bond.
  • A saga is the creation of a recognisable creative universe, potent symbols, endearing characters…
  • A saga consists of loyal fans


Making your brand a Saga is an ambitious objective that translates our willingness to offer different services:

  • Building something coherent in the long run
  • Acting in the present while maintaining a long-term goal
  • Anticipating the evolution of brands, expectations and the market
  • Measuring the short term and the long term
  • Uniting the sum of the current actions and a long-term vision

Whom does sagas target?

Clubs / Sponsors / Athletes. Sagas offers a holistic approach allowing the three parties to build win-win-win relationships.

Our services

At Sagas, we want to offer services that are focused on the long term. All our actions or recommendations are part of a long-term approach.

Who are we?

Sagas is a sports & entertainment marketing consulting agency.
Sagas works mainly on long-term* strategies so that brands can establish themselves long-term and are capable of reinventing themselves, adapting, anticipating market trends.

The Sagas founders benefit from solid experience in marketing and communication with both advertisers or sponsors (ING, Engie Electrabel, Proximus, Besix) and the field of sports marketing (URBSFA, RSCL…).

60% of NBA players go bankrupt within five years after leaving their sport

NBA Players’s Association (2008)

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