Whom does Sagas target?

Our targets

Clubs in search of identity or re-invention, 
Brands in search of visibility but above all of an effective sponsorship policy, which is sustainable and strengthens the brand values, 
Athletes who are aware of the elusiveness of their careers and who are ready to prepare for what comes next…


Clubs/Sponsors/Athletes: Three elements that are too often isolated from each other.

Sagas offers a holistic approach allowing the three parties to build win-win-win relationships.

A club-sponsor relationship that considers the power of the players’ influence.
A sponsor-influencer/athlete relationship that also benefits the club.
A club-athlete relationship to build lasting and productive relationships with sponsors.

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What is a saga?

Because nowadays, everyone claims to be able to tell a story, Sagas proposes to turn your story into a saga.

Our services

At Sagas, we want to offer services that are focused on the long term. All our actions or recommendations are part of a long-term approach.

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